In a room dimly lit by the fire on hearthstone, a child – no more than 10 years old, busy immersing herself in a book she found from her father’s study.

“Father, what do you know about Blood Oath magic?”

Oh? Why did you ask?” The father said.

“Because, it says here that it is a powerful type of magic.” She said, “but it never tells us how it works!Who came up with it? Where did it come from?”

“Hm…” the father rubbed his chin, “What does that book say about the Kingdom of Ophelia?”

“Not much.” The girl shook her head.

“Let’s see…” the father slowly got up from his rocking chair.

“Long ago… War raged across the continent of Arcadia. The little kingdom of Ophelia was caught in the midst of their battle. Its pleas for peace ignored, Ophelia soon turned into a battlefield, and millions of innocent lives were wasted.

“Then, in the fit of desperation, their ruler made a difficult decision: To protect their people from further suffering, the renowned Ophelian Royal Army closed their borders to the outside world for over three centuries. During the isolated period, Ophelia continued to pursue the study of magic, which had always been a large part of their heritage. And so, the royal academy of Ophelia was founded. With the purpose of educating and training their young sorcerers and warriors, to forge them into their future protectors.

“Every 50 years, using a powerful mage known as the Blood Oath, their most talented knight and magician were sent to recast the magic barrier. The most honorable task in their country. Thus they preserved the kingdom’s peace. Becoming beacons of hope to the people. Yet…after 300 years of isolation and peace, the magic barrier was still around.”

“Oh, why? What happened?” the girl’s eyes widened.

“Well…” the father picked up an old dusty book, bounded in red leather with a diamond shaped carving. “I haven’t touched this book in a while.”

“Where should we begin?” he gave her a meaningful smile.

A short sentence written on the first page of that book.

This is a story of a place once lost to the world….

A place that was once everything to me…

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